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Spaces Images is a collection of imagery encompassing one basic concept; "spaces where people live work and play". A global effort where talented international stock photographers have come together to form a collection which encompasses this theme. Each image creates emotions based on a location or an environment – something that we believe is in high demand in today's market. With Spaces Images' help you will be able promote your concept and share your story.

From lifestyle to business, travel, interiors and exteriors, shipping and commerce. We cover all buyers' visual needs in this ever-growing collection. Spaces Images contributors strive to help the buyer visualize their concept with stunning photographs that will hopefully stop viewers in their tracks. We are focused on capturing the future, reality and beauty of the world we all share.

Step inside our image library – the photographs speak for themselves.

> Jonathan Ross, Co-founder, CEO

Jonathan founded Spaces Images in 2009 after 20 years of experience in photography, the last twelve having been devoted solely to stock. From rights managed, royalty free, motion and micro he has a clear knowledge of all levels of the industry – if you have an important question, or burning idea? Contact Jonathan for a quick reply.

> Amy Ross, Co-founder, President

Amy is responsible for managing the day to day business of Spaces Images. From revenues, accounting, legal concerns and contractual arrangements, it is her job to make sure it all runs smoothly – if you have any questions at all Amy will find you an answer.



 > Brian Holliday, Technical Manager

 A graduate of Seattle Central Community College’s Commercial Photography program, Brian has been shooting for 7 years, spending the last 2 years focused on video production.

 Brian has always been a “techy guy” with all the new toys in the electronics world.  Working part-time for a few years at Apple as a Genius and Creative (trainer) helped him know his way around a Mac. Though Brian has always loved photography, his dream has been to teach. He’s currently working on his Masters in Education from the University of Washington.

 Brian wears many hats, including social networking, web maintenance, photo-retouching, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), file management, and assisting on photo shoots.