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Photographers who join the Spaces team can expect experienced guidance from a team of creative and business professionals. At Spaces we are committed to branding the world with images based on these principles. Spaces Images are based around the places we live, work and play. If you think you would qualify for inclusion into the Spaces Images contributor roster, please e-mail us at Review images should be 72 dpi jpeg files with a maximum dimension of 1024 pixels on the longest side.

Please send 20-50 images for review in any one of the following methods:

  • Provide an url to your website portfolio
  • Upload a gallery and e-mail us the link
  • E-mail a downloadable link to a self-extracting archive containing your images.

> contributor image requirements

  • Final images must be produced on professional digital cameras with a minimum file size of 12 megapixels

  • Finished files must be 50MB 8-bit JPEG files at a resolution of 300dpi and processed in the Adobe1998 RGB color space. High-resolution scans from large format film are acceptable and must fulfill the same requirements
  • All images must be retouched, color-corrected, and dust-free

There should be no artifacting such as posterization, color-fringing, or noise. We look forward to seeing your images!

Make sure to follow the Spaces Images guidelines for uploading both the Low-Res files for review as well as the High-Res guidelines.  Both of those forms can be found on the spaces blog under the Documents category.  

- We strongly recommend using Firefox. 

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